About Us

Stunning Bride offers brides an array of elegant & sophisticated gowns with an emphasis on fashion and a wealth of choice for those searching for the ideal bridesmaids outfit.

The showroom is spacious and features wall to wall fully stocked rails, grouped collections of fabulous gowns and roomy private changing rooms, which will assure you a very personal service.

If you are having a last minute nightmare or are taking a little longer than you thought to choose your perfect gown, you will never be rushed.

Stunning Bride rates quality over quantity and thus sources gowns from a handful of highly acclaimed designers and manufacturers who assure cut and design which cannot be beaten whatever your budget.

The best of boutiques would not be complete without excellent staff. With an abundance of bridal knowledge Carol & Cait are committed to enhance your experience whilst delivering a gown which will make you look and feel beautiful.


Whilst it is not a hard and fast rule we believe that if you restrict companions to just one other person (at most two) you will enjoy a relaxed and fruitful appointment. When making your choice it can be difficult to embrace the tastes of many. However close your group of friends maybe they will each have ideas of their own and their opinions may sap your confidence.

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